Five methods to help you to combat sleeplessness and have a deep sleep.


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Not being able to sleep well? Here are 5 methods that will help you to have a deep sleep:

1. Two hours before going to bed, turn lights into dim lights.

Sleep mask SEov
Strong lights should be turned off before sleeping.

How can you sleep well when the lights are too dazzling? Experts believe that cultivating the body’s stimulating response to light can help to fall asleep smoothly. For example, the morning light should be bright, and the night light should be dim, which helps to form a fixed biological clock. Experts recommend that after 8:00 every night, whether or not
you are going to sleep, you should change the bright headlights into night lights to prepare for the environment. If your neighbourhood is surround by strong light pollution, you could try some adequate sleep masks.

2. Enjoy reading and prepare for a good dream.

reading before sleeping
Reading is a good idea before sleeping.

Reading before going to bed is a pre-sleeping ceremony worthy of persistence. After a busy day, the best companionship before going to bed is a book like travel essays, reading makes you relaxed and happy. Experts say that inspirational and commercial books are prone to accelerate the secretion of adrenaline and are not suitable for bedtime reading.

3. Drink a cup of hot milk .

a cup of milk before sleeping
A cup of warm milk helps sleeping well

Studies found that milk does have a hypnotic effect, and for sensitive bodies, it is possible to tell the difference between drinking and not drinking. So, take a cup of hot milk for dinner and have a good night’s sleep.

4. Bathe in a warm bath and give the body a relaxation command.

hot bath
Take a hot bath and relax

Bathing is a very good way to relax. Therefore, the spa has been respected since ancient times. When your nerves are tight, you can relax by taking a hot bath. In the bath, you “allow” yourself to start the sleep preparation phase.

5. Play fixed hypnotic music 30 minutes before going to sleep.

music helps sleeping
Music is a great idea for sleeping

Music is a great way to help your body realize that you are about to go to sleep. Good sleep rituals also include playing fixed music (such as Beethoven’s moonlight sonatas or other songs or music that has special meaning to you) before going to sleep, letting the body calm down and making the music a prelude to a smooth sleep.

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